Legal Tech Map the Netherlands Q2 2018

We proudly present the Legal Tech Map for the Netherlands. This overview was created in collaboration with subject matter experts and market players. We focus on Dutch initiatives and/or players active in the Dutch legal market.

An analysis by LegalPioneer shows 70 new startups since 2010, with a total received investment of € 6.36 million. 36 new initiatives started in the last 3 years. Amsterdam appears to be the preferred city, with a total of 33 Legal Tech startups. Utrecht has 11 initiatives, and The Hague 6. The cumulative investments received by startups in Amsterdam totals around € 2 million.*
The overview shows that most players are active in the areas of Online Legal Services and Document Assembly. Research & Analysis, IP/Trademark services, and LegalTech consultancy contain few initiatives so far.

The Legal Tech Map was created by Wolters Kluwer, Dutch Legal Tech en LegalPioneer. Responses to our LinkedIn messages, which received over 15.000 views, indicated that there is keen interest in an up to date overview. Many thanks for all feedback and suggestions that we received so far!

Dutch Legal Tech, LegalPioneer, and Wolters Kluwer will regularly update the overview and publish here at, so that a current overview is available to the market. We welcome future additions!

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*Disclaimer: above numbers are based on available public data sources. Actual numbers may differ.